On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the guys talked about the perfect Sweet 16 party, that got pooped on by a airplane flying over the party, and I can not help but wonder what song was playing when it happened. 


I don't think that the girl or her family have anything to complain about really, because her party made the news, only celebrities Sweet 16 parties make the news, so it was in fact the perfect Sweet 16 party.

I feel that I have more of a right to complain, because I wanted to see the poop fall on them, I watched every clip I could find on YouTube and all they really show is some poop on wicker lawn furniture. You can see some on the canopy,  but it is not the same!

I want to see the point of impact, I want to see it raining poop and people scrambling in a panic while trying to cover up the cake.

I want to see the girls Dad shaking his fist at the plane while the poop falls on him.

I want to see the girl throwing a fit while covered in poop.

Is that too much to ask for?


Because I am Dan America and I have a duty.