A couple accused of stealing flowers from a grave site on Mother's Day appeared in Ballston Spa Village Court yesterday. Guess what? They regret taking the flowers. 

Quick back story in case you're in the dark like me.

According to police, a man visiting his fiance's mother's grave on Mother's Day watched Travis Lapell and Taiya Armer take flowers he had placed on the grave site, followed them home and waited for police to respond. The dynamic duo was charged with petit larceny.

So yesterday was the day of reckoning and while details are sketchy with regard to that petit larceny charge, the two did make a statement:

We’ve been ridiculed. It’s embarrassing. It was a mishap that never should have happened. We had no intention to hurt anyone. We were visiting someone we lost and are sorry for what happened.


What kind of jacked up statement is that? You allegedly stole flowers off a dead person's grave, of course ridicule and embarrassment is in store for you. You deserve it! Oh, and of course you had no intention of hurting anyone because you had no intention of getting caught. Spare me.

And can I just say, who the hell does that? Who allegedly steals flowers from a grave site? How morbid and insensitive is that? I know flowers are expensive, but geez man, go to Price Chopper (there's one in town) and drop a few bucks on some roses and be done with it.

So i'm assuming the couple allegedly stole the flowers to give to mom? Right? Has to be! If that's the case, mom is never going to be the same again. Never the same again. Way to allegedly ruin Mother's Day!