FYI you no longer have to set aside an entire day to make a trip to the DMV.

I feel like having to make a visit to the DMV always ends up being more of a chore than it really needs to be. Mostly because you end up going down there to wait in a line for what feels like forever to see someone to handle your business and nine times out of ten you end up sitting around waiting for another line.

Well, looks like all that waiting around may be a thing of the past! Well, at least in Albany, for now. Big ups to All Over Albany for pointing out that the Albany location of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles on South Pearl St. is now allowing you to make a reservation online to come into the DMV! You can pick an appointment or "reservation: in 15 minute increments on a day that is best suited for you! Seriously, click here to try it out for yourself.

Now assuming the reservations are kept when you actually arrive at the DMV this could make a trip to the DMV as relatively painless as can be! By the way, there are plenty of DMV related things you you can do online so you may not even have to go at all!

You're welcome.

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