As a flyer out of any airport; you know the drill of drudging through security, dealing with people who still don't 'get it' when it comes to moving fast through the line, only to stand in line to board your plane through the 'general boarding aisle,' and then being crammed like sardines in a flying tin can.

What could possibly make this better? Alcohol, of course. In most airports you are not allowed to leave the place of business you purchased your alcohol from. You have to finish it and then you can move along.

Well, one airport has adopted a new rule that we feel Albany International needs to as well.

Nashville International Airport is now allowing travelers to purchase their alcohol from any restaurant or bar and walk with it throughout the airport.

There's only a few rules:

  • Travelers must stay in the secured area of the airport (which is anywhere past the security check point).
  • Travelers cannot take said alcohol on to planes

OK, only two rules but that's pretty bad ass if you ask us.

Nashville International Airport has also allowed new rules for beer and alcohol sales. The airport now has a blanketed liquor license allowing the sales through the entire complex that all businesses can us. Before the new rule, restaurants and bars had to get their own liquor license. This has allowed for beer kiosk to open throughout the airport.

Airport spokeswoman Shannon Sumrall put it simply:

This was just about providing convenience to our travelers. Now if they want to take their drink into the shops, or another restaurant, or walk and go sit at their gate, they can.

We love it! Here's hoping for a layover in Nashville and Albany International adopting this policy.