A Big Change To Domestic Travel Requirements to Affect New Yorkers
Sure, you don’t need a passport for domestic travel.  If you’re flying anywhere within the United States, your driver’s license totally works...for now.  According to the New York DMV, after October of 2020 your driver’s license will no longer get you on a plane to fly domestically...
Hey, Albany International Airport – We Want To Drink At The Gate
As a flyer out of any airport; you know the drill of drudging through security, dealing with people who still don't 'get it' when it comes to moving fast through the line, only to stand in line to board your plane through the 'general boarding aisle,' and then being crammed like sardines in a flying tin can. What could possibly make this better? Alcohol, of course. In most airports you are not all
Helicopter Pilot Retrieves RC Plane From Tree Top Proving Decent People Still Exist [VIDEO]
Good feelings! Good times! Good people! As of late I have been witnessing all of the above. Maybe it's the beauty of Summer? Maybe people are finally waking up to the fact that we, as a society, are dick-ish as hell? Maybe the highlights of day to day life focus on the negative rather than pointing out the good? We'll never know, unfortunately. However, I am certain people are out there doing the
Passengers On Grounded Airline Flight Break Into Song To Pass The Time
Ever been stuck on a grounded airline flight? Is a 30 minute delay considered, grounded? If yes, then 'yes', I have. Frankly, that seemed like an eternity. What do you do, you know? Twiddle your thumbs? Read the 'how to absorb a water landing/ use a flotation device' laminated cut out? Seriously, what can you do?