Everyone who went to WWE Smackdown at the Times Union Center, on Tuesday September 29th, will be on TV tonight.

I had the privilege of chatting with WWE superstar Neville before the show, it's been a long road to this milestone for me, check out the interview with Neville and the videos that led up to the milestone, for America. 



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    Neville Interview

    A milestone for me, and 'The most interesting interview' Neville ever had, he told me afterward.

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    Q103's Great Wrestling Debate

    This was the build up to the Neville interview, check out all 4 parts of the debate if you have the time, it's hilarious.

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    Wacky WWE Raw Videos 04/2015

    When the WWE came to the Times Union Center in April of 2015, they told me that I could make some videos for the event, so I introduced the Q103 audience to the Real American Wrestling Critics.

    They have not asked for them back.....

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    3 Years Ago

    3 years ago, Bob the 86er and I started the Real American Wrestling Critics, and it inspired me to go back to school for broadcasting.

    My goal was to one day interview a WWE Superstar, mission accomplished.

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