The Millennials are moving in, and to be honest I can't say I blame them.

New York, Albany, Capitol Building And Egg (Performing Arts Building).
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Recently CNBC published a list from Growella of the "25 Best Cities in the U.S. for People Under the Age of 35" and 2 Upstate New York cities happened to appear on the list! Now having lived in both cities recently I totally get it because they both have a lot to offer.

When I'm looking for a new city to live in I think that my criteria may be a little off beat of the average person looking to move. Instead of things like schools and neighborhoods my top priority is the music scene locally and nationally. I have lived in some places where if it wasn't a cover band covering the same 15 songs over and over the live music scene was pretty non existent. Here in the Capital Region we definitely have no shortage of amazing shows so I am so thankful  for that and try take take advantage of every opportunity to see a show I can!

With that said I realize that when moving to a city there are other things that factor in to your decision on where to move and so do the people at Growella. They used their "scientific analysis" to find the Best U.S. Cities for Millennials by asking “If you lived here, could you make it?”...

  • Is there a better-than-typical chance of getting a great job?
  • Is it possible to earn a living, have a life, and still set aside money for your future?
  • Can you find social and personal fulfillment there?

All superb questions to ask when moving also, I loved that they threw in the fact that they "ignored such trendy statistics as the number of farmer’s markets per capita; and, overall walkability." although both Upstate New York cities that made the list do excel in both categories ha ha.

Albany came in at #11 overall on the list but at #3 in the Northeast!

11. Albany, N.Y.
Grade: A
Why it is great for millennials: Albany secured its spot in the top 15 in part for its public transportation system, the local Capital District Transportation Authority. Just over one in 10 residents walk or use public transit to get to work.

However, Syracuse beat us out coming in at #6 on the list and #2 in the Northeast.

6. Syracuse, N.Y.
Grade: A
Why it is great for millennials: It's easy to get around in Syracuse and there's a pretty hot nightlife scene for young people (it's ranked number two). Syracuse is also in the top 10 for the shortest commute times, according to the Growella data.

While I think both cities are great I've got to say its pretty hard to compete with all the amazing things there are to do in the Capital Region! If you want to check out the full list of cities you can click HERE. What do you think, are you ready for the college kids to start sticking around after graduation?