Next to the guy in Connecticut looking for his farting beauty, this is the second best ad to ever appear on Craigslist. Nine months worth of 'acrimony, emotional chaos, and possibly legal proceedings' are wanted via Mike from Albany

Ladies, meet Mike!


Mmmm, nothing like a self-loathing attractive female with abandonment issues for a disastrous nine months. Seriously, that's a damn porn star! The good news? And I'm just being real here, sex would be great! Just saying.

Before you scroll to the bottom of this page to reply to Mike, specific criteria (on your end) needs to be met.

If this were real, hold on, maybe it is? People are crazy now-a-days so you never know, but I'm going to stick with my original thought here. This ish is super fake but who knows, Mike might be able to catch a quick lay based on this witty piece of Craigslist gold.

Thanks for the laugh, Mike, and please share any responses you might receive!