Proof that slapping one of those giant stickers on your car really can pay off!

Photo by Sean Gallup,Getty Images
Photo by Sean Gallup,Getty Images

I feel like Sunoco has been holding this "Free Fuel" contest forever probably because I have never seen or heard of anyone actually winning. Plus lets be honest those giant stickers are kind of horrendous and when you're spending so much of your hard earned cash on a vehicle it really makes you think twice about what you stick to it.

With that said, it looks like slapping one of those giant stickers on your ride rally can pay off and the story behind this win is actually kind of comical. According to News10 an Albany woman's boyfriend had recently grabbed one of those giant stickers at their local Sunoco to stick on her car in order to help her cover up a scratch from a little fender bender.

Then just a couple days later while the woman was grabbing some groceries at Price Chopper on Delaware Ave. another woman approached her to tell her she was an "instant winner of a $10 gift card and would be entered to win a grand prize drawing for $5,000 in free fuel"!

Imagine her surprise when Sunoco announced their 14 national grand prize winners and one of those winners just happened to be her! To think, it all started with a sticker and a scratch. I may have to rethink this whole no stickers on my car rule. $5,000 in free fuel can go along way!


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