The City of Albany has been dealing with parking issues for years. Now, the Albany Common Council has agreed on a permit system to help residents more easily park near their homes.


During the week it will now be easier for residents of the Downtown Albany area to park. It's all thanks to a new system, that will hopefully be in place by October 2012. Basically, the new system will give residents that live within a three quarter mile range of the Capitol a permit to park on the streets. There will be certain 'permit only' spots throughout those areas. The remaining spots will be mostly the same that they are now, with two hour visitor parking, Monday through Friday between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.

So what will that mean for people who work in, or visit Albany during the week? Basically that you will more than likely have to look a little harder for a spot near the courthouse or City Hall. Over all though, not a whole lot will change. The annual permit for residents will be $25. If you are not a resident, and want to park in the City regularly, you can also by one of these permits. People violating the new policy will be hit with a $45 fine. Take a look at the affected ares here.