Reddit user u/thetulipcity posted a question about a rock formation near the Patroon Island Bridge. "What's the deal with these odd rock formations along the Hudson bike path?" Good question, to me, it looks like someone was using large stones to make and somehow got interrupted before they got to finish. I've decided to just call them "The Patroon Island Penises".

Google Maps

It also kinda looks like the Riverfront Preserve version of Stonehenge that was built by druids in the dark without a compass.

Google Map

So, what the heck are these rock formations? Several Reddit posters had their own theories. Could it be connected to the mystery at Oak Island and the Money Pit? Was it built by an ancient people as a place for ritual sacrifice? Leftover stones from the Erie Canal project dumped there and just happen to look like a couple of penises?

Apparently, the most logical explanation came from Reddit user u/thinkanddo who said it was leftover rocks from an art installation project from the 80s.

Personally, I think it was aliens.

Maybe it was the guy that made the "Wilton Woody"?

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