The Ambition Coffee and Cafe has shut down in Schenectady due to code violations and structural issues with the cafe according to The Daily Gazette.

The cities Code Violation Bureau cited several issues with the cafe and won't be allowed to reopen until the violations are fixed. The violations cited high carbon monoxide levels, both structural and electrical issues and unspecified unsanitary conditions as the reason for the shut down.

According to a post of Ambition's Facebook Page owner Marc Renson wrote,

"First, thank you for caring. This is what we know. There are structural beams that needs to be repaired (in the front dining room with the big windows and wooden floor.) That’s the place of concern. The restaurant part of the building is good. As we seek answers, just keep Ambition near your hearts. She needs a little extra love right now. ❤️ Marc, Greg and staff."

Hopefully, once the necessary repairs are made the Ambition Coffee and Cafe can reopen and start serving Schenectady again.