It's been revealed that Apple is planning on releasing a line of Macs made here in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook released that bit of information in an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, host of news magazine show Rock Center. I can't tell you how many times I was asked by someone "Why does Apple make their Macs in China? Why not the U.S.?" Ask, and you shall receive.

Photo Rich Lawrence/TSM
Photo Rich Lawrence/TSM

According to Tim, it's not a matter of wages, but training. Americans are not getting the skills they need to do these kinds of jobs. According to the reports, Apple is investing $100 million dollars into bringing some of these jobs back to the United States, to add to the more than 600,000 jobs they have already created. Now it's a matter of getting the work force the skills they need to be qualified for these jobs. Will there be a resurgence of jobs coming back to the United States? I'm betting it's starting to happen. Look at Master Lock, and how they are bringing back jobs to the U.S. But we can't expect Apple and everyone else to just up and pull out of China. It's not going to happen like that.

Many of the companies that produce electronics use Foxconn in China to do their manufacturing. That includes, Dell, HP, Samsung and a host of others.  And there has been criticism directed at those companies because of working conditions at Foxconn's factories, and Apple has had it's share of it. The New York Times being the biggest voice in a lot of that criticism. So what will this all mean in the long run? While I'm not an economist but I play one on this website, I think it means we'll start to see exactly what Tim Cook is saying in these interviews. Nothing more or less than that. Apple is making an investment in the United States and wants to bring jobs back home. But my opinion is just that of one person who took basic economics in high school.

I suggest we watch the interview and find out together the whole story though. The interview will air tonight on NBC at 10pm. I never thought I would say this but I guess I can when it comes time to upgrade. "Can I get an American Made Mac please?" Will you be asking for an American made Mac?

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