My question is, accused? How does one get accused of hoarding 50 plus cats? He either is or he isn't. Well in this case, he is.

Paul Prill, 58 of Amsterdam said it all started with a measly seven cats some 10 years ago but had gotten out of control. Still a lot of kitty litter to change. He ended up taking in stray's who then in turn had kittens. He also has been naming the kittens after Pokemon.. It had gotten out of hand and Paul no longer was able to care for all of them or stop the cycle by getting them spayed or neutered.

Now ok, he seems like a man with a big heart right? Wrong. in 2000 he actually was caught spying on a neighbors little boy while sleeping and in the restroom. The boys parents found out and Prill was arrested. Made a mistake and served his sentence. Well, now he has fallen into hot water again. He now faces 10 counts of animal cruelty. For the full story at News Channel 13 click the link below.

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