New Yorkers love their pizza, that's for sure. Some might prefer the fast food type of pizza like Dominoes or Pizza Hut, while others would rather enjoy a slice from a locally owned shop like Marino's in Schenectady. If you're from Amsterdam N.Y. and prefer to get your 'za from more of a chain restaurant, then you probably already know that the closest Little Caesar's Pizza is a 30 minute drive to Schenectady. That is, until now.

Mahyar Motebassem via Unsplash
Mahyar Motebassem via Unsplash

Amsterdam Mayor Mike Cinquanti revealed in a Facebook post yesterday the proposed plans for a new Little Caesar's restaurant coming to Market St. Formerly a KMart and then a KFC, the building has remained vacant for years, creating an eyesore that many people are excited to no longer have to look at.

Why This Location?

Amsterdam local Miguel Gonzalez owns the Facebook group "Rebuilding Amsterdam N.Y.!!!", where he constantly posts about up and coming businesses and other types of potential attractions in the town of Amsterdam. In his Facebook live from March 5th, he explains the history of this location and how he pushed for the original plan which was to revive the old KFC. He even gives a tour around the dilapidated building to show what an eyesore it is. Considering there isn't a Little Caesar's for miles and there's already a KFC in Amsterdam, I'm glad they went with pizza over chicken.

Market Street likely provides the most favorable retail location in the Northern Neighborhoods study area due to its potential to serve high traffic volumes on this road. - C&S Companies,

Construction is expected to start soon on the new Little Caesar's location at 173 Market St. in Amsterdam, but no further news has been released regarding building plans.

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