I would sincerely like to address the white devil that has decided to make its presence known today, Hello snow. We meet again.

Now, I can't complain too much I mean I do choose to live in a winter state. But that doesn't mean I have to like snow. We sort of have been on bad terms since it caused my car to lose two fog lights some 3 years ago. Last year I thought I had been so aggressive in my dislike that It had just not come. But sadly I was wrong and it is back with a vengeance. Damn you snow (shakes fist aggressively).

The reason I am more inclined to be mad at snow today. It literally was 60 something degrees yesterday and now It is snowing nonstop. It literally makes no logical sense. I'm sure somehow people in the Capital Region are blaming Trump for this. That actually makes a touch more sense than what actually is happening.

Sincerely, Vinnie.

P.S. Stop snowing damn it!

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