Dear "I'm too important and too busy to throw away my gloves",

I completely understand that some people want to wear gloves and masks when they go out in public. Personally, I'm not doing that...I'm just using a lot of hand sanitizer...but each their own. When my little bottle of hand sanitizer runs out, I don't just throw it on the ground, or toss it out the window of my Jeep. No, I throw it away In a trash can like a civilized person.

If you do wear gloves to the grocery store that's fine, just don't just throw them on the ground when you leave. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this outside my local Hannaford, next to the gas station pump or outside a take out restaurant. It's disgusting. Not only because it's just littering, but now someone else has to pick up your gloves that could be contaminated with COVID-19 and pass it to themselves or someone else. What if a kid found that glove and pick it up, not knowing that it could be infected with COVID-19? You're putting people lives at risk and it's just a jerk thing to do. Kinda like, not putting your cart away or parking in a handicap spot.

In this time, when we all really need to look out for each other have a little decently and respect for your fellow human beings. Pick up your gloves and masks and put them in the trash, or at least take them home with you.

If I catch you throwing your gloves or mask on the ground WILL call you out and embarrass you. So let's just save everyone the trouble and pick up after ourselves. Didn't your mother teach you better?


Everyone that doesn't want to get sick

P.S. Knock it off.

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