Well, us New Yorkers are one of a kind.  And that even includes with television.  Frontier Communications put out an article after running statistics on each state's favorite HBO show.  The way they came to this conclusion was by reviewing Google searches per state for current or recent original scripted series.  They then compared Google statistics with the top HBO shows viewer-wise.  After all of that, New York's most searched/favorite show was...

"The Night Of"

"The Night Of"?  We were the ONLY state on the list to have this as our pick.  I've never even seen this show!  Though when I went it to it's official HBO page for more information, I realized it actually seems like an interesting series about a murder.  But really, of all of the HBO shows to pick- "Game of Thrones," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Divorce"- this was New York's pick? Interesting.  What are your thoughts on this?  What's your favorite?

You can see all of the states and show choices at Frontier Communications!