On the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," the guys asked listeners to call in and make anonymous confessions like one would if attending an Anonymous Support Group. Most of them were ether boring or offensive.

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Most anonymous support groups are serious and should not be made fun of, however there is nothing funnier then a group of weirdos with the same fixation.

I googled anonymous support groups in Albany and could not find any fun ones,

So here is a list of anonymous support groups that should and should not exist:

  • Too Many Selfies Anonymous
  • Door Knob Lickers Anonymous
  • I sketch my coworkers naked Anonymous
  • Bad Grammar Anonymous
  • I like to smell my own farts Anonymous
  • I like to smell other people's farts Anonymous
  • Booger Pickers, Flickers & Eaters Anonymous
  • Facebook Stalkers Anonymous
  • Butt Crack Lovers Anonymous
  • I Love Hot Dogs Anonymous
  • Addicted to Disney Anonymous
  • But I'm a Jedi Anonymous
  • I Poop Too Much & I Like It Anonymous
  • I Believe Everything Fox News tells me Anonymous
  • Apathetic Anonymous
  • Imaginary Friends Anonymous
  • I Can't Stop Staring at Alexa Bliss Anonymous
  • Dave Made Me Cry Anonymous
  • Lark Street Snobs Anonymous

That's all I have time for.

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