Free Beer & Hot Wings

Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-In
Each year around the holidays, we make it a point to stop all of the mocking and joking around for at least one day and use the reach that "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" has to do some good.
For the 15th consecutive year, we'll be conducting the Free Beer &…
What Is Your Catchphrase?
On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played the Catchphrase Game, Free Beer would name a sitcom and the rest of the guys had to say all the catchphrases from each show, it made me ask myself if I ever had a catchphrase?
Anonymous Support Groups
On the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," the guys asked listeners to call in and make anonymous confessions like one would if attending an Anonymous Support Group. Most of them were ether boring or offensive.

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