I was in the Q studio rocking out when I heard a loud boom that shook the building. I actually went outside to check if someone had hit the building, or something blew up. I didn't see anything and went about the rest of my day.

Then this morning I'm on Reddit and I see a bunch of posts about this big "boom" people heard everywhere from Averill Park to Troy to Saratoga. Some people described it as a sonic boom or explosion or maybe even an earthquake. We had a similar event happen in Saratoga back in December.

The researchers on Reddit (I'm being sarcastic) have several ideas of what it might be. the sonic boom from a military jet, a clap of thunder, an asteroid, first inter-dimensional rifts caused by the 5g, or maybe a Skyquake. I'd never heard of a Skyquak, but according to Wikipedia  "Skyquakes[1] are unexplained reports of a phenomenon that sounds like a cannon, trumpet or a sonic boom coming from the sky."

A couple of people on Reddit said that they saw military jet with a "black pointy nose" overhead right about the time of the boom. I guess that makes the most sense as to what it was.



So what do you think? Did you hear it?

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