Well, I think I would rather be seeing headlines for April's "baby bump watch" then those KardashaJenner's.

If you thought the 65 days you watched that live stream waiting for April the giraffe to give birth last time seemed like forever I think this time around might feel like an eternity. Especially because a Giraffe is pregnant for somewhere between 13 and 15 months and the owners of the Animal Adventure Park where April lives are not even confirming that she is pregnant yet.

Allow me to explain, you see this morning April, her 7 month old son Tajiri, and the owner of Upstate New York's Animal Adventure Park, Jordan Patch, appeared on Good Morning America to give the world a little update on how mom and baby were doing since the Giraffe Cam shut down. At one point in the conversation one of the anchors asked if there where any plans down the line for April to become a mother again? To which he responded that he could "neither confirm or deny the possibility of another pregnancy".

They also asked if in fact April was pregnant again would we be able to watch it on the internet again? Judging by their response to Patch's question on whether or not the world was ready for another Giraffe Cam I wouldn't be surprised if you could start tuning in sooner rather than later.

What to you think? If April does have another bun in the oven will you be checking out the live stream the second time around?