After Saturday's shooting at Crossgates Mall shoppers are staying away from the Capital Region's biggest Mall but will it last?

Crossgates Mall
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Sales have dropped ever since there was a shooting at Crossgates and the holiday shopping season has just begun, no pun intended, so the question is: How will the shooting affect Crossgates?

I know that a lot of people braved the possibility of getting shot to see Jake "The Snake" Roberts at the Funny Bone last night but that is because there is nothing stronger then then a wrestling fan's dedication to their heroes. Wrestling fans are not Crossgates Mall's bread and butter though, it's families, family guys and women, if you are familiar with Jake "The Snake" Roberts then you would know that his stand-up comedy act is probably not family friendly.

The problem that Crossgates has to deal with now is being branded as "the mall you can shot at."

With all the other malls in the Capital Region where no one has shot at anyone will people flock to those malls instead of Crossgates? And will Saturday's shooting attract more people with guns to Crossgates?

In conclusion: I don't go to Crossgates because they don't allow smoking on the premises, I like Colonie Center but now that I live in Clifton Park I guess I should try out their mall, but it makes me mad that it still exists and that the former gem of Latham is now a Walmart.