Are you happy with your rent? Pay the right amount, have a nice crib and have some utilities included. Feel lucky.

While many of us are very happy with our situation when it comes to housing, numerous are always bouncing around. It is so hard to find the right balance. Sometimes you will find a horrible landlord but the amenities are right. Other times you will find an amazing landlord but you are paying through the roof amounts.

I went into reading NYUPs article about the highest rent rates in the state and thought, of course, Albany or Saratoga have to top the list for the Capital Region right? Wrong.

  • Fulton County: #47 - Median Rent $775
  • Washington County: #44 - Median Rent $811
  • Schoharie County: #21 - Median Rent $1031
  • Rensselaer County: #16 - Median Rent $1104
  • Schenectady County: #13 - Median Rent $1150
  • Albany County: #12 - Median Rent $1175
  • Saratoga County: #8 - Median Rent $1488
  • Columbia County: #7 - Median Rent $1553

I was shocked Columbia County was atop the list for the area, are you? More from NYUP here.

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