A 42-year-old dude in Australia was just recently released from prison because he was too short for the facility. Aaron Scott McLean has dwarfism and as a result he is no longer being held in the prison he was sentenced. I know your first thought is “oh man, did he slip out through the bars and make a break?”

However that is not that case, simply the prison fails to meet his special needs.

“Aaron Scott McLean, 42, started a fire which caused $85,000 damage to his neighbor’s property in October 2012 following a dispute over a shared carport. He was jailed for three years in September last year with a non-parole period of 14 months after pleading guilty to one count of arson.

But he successfully appealed against the sentence to a higher court, which found his dwarfism and consequential ill health and disabilities led the court to the conclusion it would be ‘unduly harsh for him to serve time in prison’. Despite the Correctional Service Department denying that it could not meet McLean’s needs, he was released from jail and sentenced to just six months home detention.” – arbroath

Let that be a lesson to all you criminals out there. If you are going to do something illegal check your height first.

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