The reunion of singer Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria took a rabid fan base by surprise in October of last year after a highly-publicized war of words between the two camps. In January, Worsnop teased a sample of new music, sending fan anticipation to yet another high.

Speaking with KaaosTV (video below), guitarist Ben Bruce discussed this clip of music and if it's indicative of what the new material will sound like. "We're holding our cards close to our chest right now. We're not gonna give too much away," he began (transcription via Blabbermouth). "Obviously, that was music that we had written. Whether it makes the album or not, we'll see. The whole album's written and is ready to be recorded properly. And then we have some huge touring opportunities in the works that we are working on right now, so it's gonna be exciting," added Bruce.

Offering more details, he explained how Asking Alexandria wrote "a lot" of their previous album, The Black, on the road and the same for From Death to Destiny. The process was different this time around, however. "But this album, though, I actually went into a studio. I spent months in the studio with [producer] Matt Good and wrote the album," the axeman stated.

"I was, like, 'This has to be better than anything we've ever, ever written.' So I spent months locked away in the studio, all night, all day. I used to go into the studio at lunchtime and not get home until lunchtime the next day. And my baby would already be awake, and I'd be, like, 'Damn, I need to go to bed for a bit.' For months, I was on that brutal schedule. But it's been worth it," Bruce wrapped up.

Asking Alexandria split with Denis Stoff as a headlining tour was approaching and the band had been unable to successfully contact the singer. This was the catalyst for bringing back Worsnop, who recently accused Stoff of lip-syncing the band's older material live.

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