In a little over one month- on September 20th- Shinedown, Papa Roach, and Asking Alexandria will be taking over the Times Union Center.  As a huge Shinedown fan, I've seen them twice live, and each time they've come out as one of my favorite live shows.  So of course I had to travel to see the rest of their lineup this past week, when Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria played to thousands in New Jersey.

Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana

With a mix of heavy songs and acoustic (that honestly gave me all of the Zac Brown feels), Asking Alexandria nailed an unbelievable set.  From vocalist Danny Worsnop's range came screaming to melodies to Sebastian Bach-style high notes.  The heavy bass and poignant drums made the set feel like true rock and roll.

Following that, Papa Roach took the stage headlining.  I mean, what can I say.  Jacoby Shaddix.  It's hard to rival that level of stage energy.  Unless of course your Brent Smith.  Playing songs old to new, the crowd was completely lost in the music, and I was even MORE excited than I already am for September 20th.

Who else is ready to see Shinedown, Papa Roach, and Asking Alexandria!  Get all the info here.

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