It's not the full set but there's a good 15 or so songs from the show that you can listen to.


On February 7th, 1977 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played a show at the Palace Theatre in Albany while on what has become affectionately known as their "Lawsuit Tour" because he was in the middle of a lengthy legal battle to fire his original manager Mike Apple. The lawsuit actually delayed the release of his 1978 album "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

According to the TU avid Springsteen fans " have not been able to find as much as a set list of the songs he and the band played during their show here" let alone actual audio recordings.

That is, until now. Today released audio from the Bruce Springsteen live archive of their performance at the Palace. Apparently Springsteen's sound engineer made some tapes while on the road with the band between '75 and '77 and recordings such as these are often made "on the fly, are typically in mono and often incomplete". Which just so happens to be the case with the Albany show. The tapes have about 45 minutes of the show which equals out to 16 songs.

Recordings like these are so rare that Backstreets stated that until now there was no evidence that such a thing even existed. Along with the recording of the Albany show they also released recordings of the entire show that went down in Rochester the following day.

This is indeed a HUGE treat for Springsteen fans in the Capital Region and all of Upstate New York! I got to see Bruce perform a couple of years back when he was something like 62 years old and let me tell you, that was a performance I'll never forget. He litterally did a stage dive and crowd surfed across the floor! I could only imagine what the show was like back in his heyday. Were you at the show in '77? Let us know about it in the comments! If you want to check out the recordings click HERE.