Saturday will be a very fun and memorable show to catch at SPAC when The Australian Pink Floyd Show plays there. Get pumped listening to an interview with Jason Sawford.

Being arguably the most successful tribute bands in the world, questions are plenty. When most tribute bands play smaller venues, Australian Pink Floyd is playing full sized arenas and making memories for their fans and Pink Floyd fans alike all around the globe. I wondered, how can a tribute band do this well. Well, I got my answer in the interview below.

Jason spoke about much more than just the bands success also his favorite Pink Floyd albums and songs and their humble beginning. Along with that a fun story from when the band actually performed for David Gilmour Pink Floyd guitarist at his 50th birthday party. That alone is a huge honor for the band. If you have yet to get tickets for the show Saturday at SPAC. Go to the events page above after you listen to the interview below.