The excitement of the Solar Eclipse, due to pass over New York State Monday afternoon, has everyone talking. Where will you be watching? Do you have proper eyewear? Which businesses will be open and/or closed. This is a generational event!

Whether you are able to take a few minutes to head outside Monday afternoon or not, Q1057 and 1035 has a way for you to be part of the celebration. Listen to the Capital Region's Classic Rock Station Monday April 8th at 3pm as we play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, track for track.

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Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is just shy of 43 minutes in total length, featuring 10 songs, concluding with "Brain Damage and Eclipse". According to the song "Eclipse" there is no dark side of the moon. As a matter of fact, it's all dark. Here's the full track listening that you will hear on Q1057 and 1035.

  • Speak to Me
  • Breathe (In The Air)
  • On the run
  • Time
  • The Great Gig In the Sky
  • Money
  • Us And Them
  • Any Colour You Like
  • Brain Damage
  • Eclipse
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No matter where you are in the Capital region of New York, you will be in listening range during the Solar Eclipse. From Lake George South to Averill Park, Q1057 and 1035 will be the official Solar Eclipse Soundtrack.

Our opening act will be a block of eclipse related songs. Titles such as "Dancing In the Dark" and "In the Dark" will set the table perfectly to hear Dark Side of the Moon in it's entirety and you don't need special glasses to listen.

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