Well, this is certainly one way to ensure boaters don't congregate at Log Bay.

Photo Rob Dawes
Photo Rob Dawes

After last years tragic boating accident on Lake George, during what has been known as Log Bay Day, that took the life of a young child and put a 24 year old boater behind bars for 5-15 years authorities have decided to officially but an end to Log Bay Day.

The log Bay Day tradition which is normally observed on the last Monday in July and is essentially a boaters party on Lake George where hundreds of boats anchor out around Log Bay and Shelving Rock. Over the years the authorities and the community have noted that the tradition has become increasingly more rowdy and dangerous. The accident last year has served as their final straw and beginning this year they aim to put a stop Log Bay Day.

On July 25th, exactly one year to the day of the accident that made national headlines, authorities announced that Log Bay Day will not be happening this year. According to WNYT there will be a fleet of police boats forming a barrier around the bays to keep boaters out. They have even scheduled the county dive unit to come out to practice training exercises in the closed bays on Monday.

They do say all are welcome to come up and come out on the Lake but there will be no party at Log Bay.

Now granted I have never been to a Log Bay Day so I cannot personally attest to the dangers of the tradition but had I owned a boat or had a friend with a boat it probably would've been something I would have been interested in checking out. That being said I'm kind of disappointed that it is something I will never be able to experience.

What do you think? Are you disappointed at the end of Log Bay Day? Do you think these efforts will discourage boaters from coming out? Let us know in the comments.