Sometimes parents just don't understand.

If you haven't seen Master Of None on Netflix yet, do it. Seriously it's one of the greatest series I've ever watched. The hype is real.

One of the cool aspects of the show is that Aziz used his actual parents on the show. They played the role they were born for, Aziz's parents. Aziz's father may be one of my favorite parts of the show, he's a real scene stealer.

Choosing to work with his parents ment Aziz had to spent a lot of 'in town' time with them. Recently on Conan, Aziz tells the story of his parents finding out he eats pork while working on Master Of None. Aziz's parents are Muslim, so that's a no no for them. Check out Aziz explaining how it all went down. Is there something you do that you can't tell your parents about? Would you tell me? Sure you would, right down in the comment section.