I know that Andy Dick is a bit of a train wreck already, but he seems to be trying to steal some of Charlie Sheen's spot light with his latest escapade.

Maybe Andy Dick was sitting at home seeing all the attention that Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan have been getting and said, "Hey I need to get back into the public eye."   So did he read a script for a new show or movie? No.  Maybe he started to write his memoirs down for all to read.  Also no. Nope, what Andy did was head out to the club, find himself a lady and some blow and went to town!

RadarOnline reports that Andy Dick was reportedly caught performing a lewd act on a woman in the bathroom of a club in Woodland Hills, California.  After that, him and the same woman took to the parking lot and started to snort some cocaine off a CD in Andy's car.  I think the most surprising thing here  is that he was caught doing all these things with a woman.  I thought Andy Dick was gay.  A witness on the scene said that he was oblivious to everything around him, except the cocaine and the woman he was with.  Dick was in trouble just a few months ago for exposing himself to some patrons at a coffee house in California.  Are we seeing the end of the world?  What is going on with these celebs?  I think they may have all finally lost their minds.