Animal cruelty is no joke which is why, when a celebrity tries to turn it into one, they are met with a great deal of backlash. The latest to try and fail at turning the misfortune of animals into humor is former Jackass star Bam Margera, who posted a downright stupid photo on his Twitter page, pointing a gun to a dog's head.


The sign, for those who had trouble reading it like I did the first few times says "if she poops one more time she goes bye byes."

Seriously? That dog is tiny. I have two puppies, Gizmo and Charles Barkley, and they are the same size as that thing. When they poop it is tiny and ridiculously easy to clean up, even if they make a mistake in the house (which never happens because my puppies are the best, but still). And if you take them outside like any normal person does, that wouldn't happen to begin with.

Margera says that the gun wasn't real and that he regrets the decision, but that doesn't excuse his actions

What do you think: are people overreacting to this photo, or is the criticism justified?