Bands from the Albany region submitted their materials in the Battle for Q-Ruption. Fans cast their votes and our special group of celebrity judges helped picked the FINAL 4 . Hyngd, The 7th Squeeze, Frank Palangi, and Backstage Royalty were chosen as the finalist to do battle!

We are pleased to announce Wednesday, August 7th at Upstate Concert Hall will be the grand finale where all four bands will play live. At the end of it all; fan votes from online, in person, and our judges will decide who will earn the right to play on stage at Q-Ruption.

Below you will find a preview of each band, then you can cast a vote online (voting opening on Saturday, August 3rd) which will award each band points toward their score at the finale.

Here's the breakdown of how bands can win

  • Special Guest Judges will score the bands on the night of finale
  • Fan vote in person at the finale, itself
  • Fan vote online (VOTING HAS CLOSED - Please come to event to cast a vote and help your favorite band win!)










Frank Palangi






Backstage Royalty






The 7th Squeeze Info Coming Soon






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