This video contains language that is NSFW.

If you felt that Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer beta was a bit lackluster in terms of content, some recent discoveries suggest a lot more is on the way.

Thanks to MP1ST, we have learned about some of the hidden weapons that were a part of the game files included with the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta but were never officially added in for testers to use. YouTube user Hattiwatti has posted a video showcasing these weapons that weren't accessible by normal means in the beta. In terms of additional sidearms, there is the rapid-fire M93R, the M1911, the RS357 magnum, and the MAC-10 Uzi. The video also showcased the M240B belt-fed machine gun, the SR-22 ECC and L96A1 rifles, the SMAW grenade launcher and the M18 smoke grenade.

Reddit user SkacikPC was also able to uncover information about some new game modes, maps and gadgets to use. There is going to be a hostage rescue map that takes place in a meth lab, a High Tension domination map, Molotov cocktails that can replace your grenades, a map called "Growhouse," and a single-player level called "Chop Shop."

Battlefield Hardline will debut on Oct. 21 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can partake in the Battlefield Hardline beta now on PlayStation 4 and PC.