This is sure to be a sight to behold!

Biggest Supermoon Of 2014 Lights Up The Sky
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

NASA is reporting that the largest Supermoon the world has seen in nearly 70 years will be gracing our skies next week on Monday, November 14th. According to News10 NASA says:

 The moon is considered a “supermoon” when the full moon is closer to Earth than average.

Apparently, this Supermoon that's happening next Monday is supposed to be not only the closest full moon of the year but the closest moon "to date" in the 21st century! The last time the moon was this big happened back in 1948 and you won't see it this big again until November 25 of 2034!

So you may want to make sure you make a point to step out side and fully appreciated it. Then again, it may be pretty hard to miss! Now we just have to hope that the weather here in the Capital Region cooperates and does not cover up the Supermoon in all it's glory!

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