How is this possible? Everyone, hoard your chocolate, new reports say that one of the happiest foods on the planet may no longer exist within our lifetime!

Apparently, chocolate is on it's way to extinction by 2050 unless scientists can figure out a way to stop it, according to Foodbeast. Climate change is a highly disputed concept but according to certain scientists it's to blame for the current condition and number of cacao plants. If chocolate isn't your thing, that also means that coffee is at risk of disappearing as well.

To save their own company, Mars (M&M's) has partnered up with the University of California to try and save the cacao crops. They're working on changing the DNA of the plant so that they can survive under the hotter conditions. This generation's crops should be fine but next generations may leave us with nothing in our Easter baskets!

On a funnier note, I like thinking about chocolate is so important that there are certain scientists who are focusing their lives on this. They are working to change the DNA of chocolate plants in order to keep it around longer than 2050. Chocolate is one of those things that almost everyone can agree on, I think. We all don't want it to go away, maybe it's the answer to world peace...?

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