I said I would be doing this last Sunday on the air as the time has come. It's time for everyone to do their shopping and get some goodies for the friends and family we love. I mean why would you get something for someone you hated right? But I digress, here is a sweet little sound system that will make your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Droid phone, sing to the room. The Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Bluetooth speaker. Don't let the small size fool you.

Photo Amazon.com
Photo Amazon.com

The Pill Bluetooth speaker is a small speaker with a big sound, though it seems to not like a lot of heavy bass. I would guess this is their alternative take on Jambox. The Pill clocks in at about $200 but the sound is top notch, so you do get what you pay for.

The Pill weighs about 11 ounces, cylindrical and comes with a carrying case. It's a little wider than a Jambox, but nothing serious. It'll still fit nicely in whatever you want to carry it in. The bottom has rubber on it to keep it in place when you get those load and heavy songs going. Something the Jambox is notorious for doing and one of my pet peeves.

There are Aux in and out ports and a USB port for charging. I like that the Aux out can be used with the Bluetooth feature to have audio play through to a bigger sound system. Also like the Jambox, there is a microphone built in to use it as a hands free device for phone calls. So if you're listening to some good tunes from your phone and you get a call, just push the button on the Pill and you're in speaker phone mode. Hit it again when you're done and you're back to listening to music.

If you get a chance to play with one in a store, I highly suggest you do and see for yourself if this would make a good gift for the music lover on the go. I'm not on the go, but in a small space, a speaker like this can deliver some good sound with a small footprint. And of course comes in a variety of colors. Head to your favorite online retailer or store and check it out for yourself.

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