Just when you thought that Celebrities couldn't come up with anymore ridiculous baby names, the Beckham's have done it yet again with the latest addition to their family.

On Sunday David and Victoria Beckham added another baby into their family. This is the couples fourth child, they already have three sons.  Their names are a bit odd being Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz, now they add a baby girl so what would they name her?

The first name isn't what I have issue with.  They named her Harper, which is a very pretty and unique name.  However her middle name is just another case of celebrity idiocy. What's the name you ask? Oh just Seven. You know, like the number.  Why do this to your child?

According to the article in US Magazine, they chose the name Seven because that's Davids old jersey number also because she was born in the 7th month during the 7th hour.  It's not the worst baby name ever.  I think that title belongs to Pete Wentz and his wife Ashley Simpson for their winner, Bronx Mowgli.  You know, like the NYC burrow and the kid in The Jungle Book.

The worst celebrity name giver of all time though may be Frank Zappa.  With children with names like Moon Unit, Dweezle and Diva Thin Muffin, it's hardly an arguable title.  For a look at some of the worst celeb baby names, click here.