Saratoga Beer Week is among us and I made it my duty (haha duty) to try all the beers. Brian from Druthers brew pub stopped in the studios to drink and talk Beer week with me.

5 days devoted to beer sounds like a good idea, however when you really look at the details of the whole thing you soon find, well it’s a great idea. Druthers is just one of the many business getting involved and celebrating Saratoga Beer Week and I recommend you check them out. With events every day including a Beer dinner at Druthers on February 20th you can’t exactly go wrong. The beer dinner is a five course meal that comes with a specially partnered beer for every course. And proceeding the dinner Myself and Q103 will be joining the party by hosting a trivia night from 10pm – mid. Check out my tasting/interview with one of the founders of Druthers and then get your tickets for Saratoga beer week here!

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