While small, single use, plastic water bottles are convenient they certainly are taking a toll on the environment.

Great Barrington has become the first town in Berkshire County to ban the sale of small, single-use, plastic water bottles. According to the Berkshire Eagle the ban is for

Bottles 1 liter or smaller and is restricted to nonsparkling, unflavored drinking water in single-serve container.

The ban goes into effect Jan 1st and I know that at first bans such as this and plastic bag bans at the grocery stores will feel like a real inconvenience but once you get out of the habit of using them I feel like you won't really miss them at all.

Personally I am guilty of caring a water bottle with be at all times but I usually opt for the much larger sizes and refill them regularly then recycle them when I am done. To be honest I probably really need to get myself a refillable washable bottle soon.

The videos of the mass amount of garbage and plastic floating in the oceans and scattered across the land is hard to look at. Especially since on the daily it's kind of 'out of sight, out of mind' but if we don't start putting in the work to conserve our resources and environment pretty soon there won't be anymore resources or environment left to salvage. Not to mention those small water bottles aren't really enough to really quench your thirst anyway.

Do you think the Capital Region should follow suit?