Unfortunately, we are about to endure another snow day. After you’re done shoveling, salting, and scraping or driving in this awful cold mess you should sit down and relax with seasonally appropriate movie.

I want to know what you the people think, but I have a few suggestions:

Clerks & Mallrats, because these movies take place before Easter, although there is no mention of St. Paddy’s day in these movies so they probably take place later on in the month. These movies never get old for me. I don’t know if the kids will enjoy them, but if you grew up with these movies like me then they are a must watch, because it’s always fun to relive the 90’s and listen to the sage like advice from Kevin Smith.

Fun Fact: Mallrats takes place the day before Clerks

Baseball movies are a cool to watch this time of the year because it gets you in the Baseball mood and I feel that your preferred Baseball movie kind of says what kind of a person you are. My preferred Baseball movies are: A League of Their Own, Major League and The Sandlot.

Field of Dreams is ok and so are the Bad News Bears movies, but Cobb is frightening. I like Major League 2 but not as much as the original. As for all other baseball movies, if it’s that one that is actually a chick flick and you’re watching it then you should shame yourself. The one baseball movie that I can not stand though is Rookie of the Year. i\If I could burn every copy of that movie and delete it from existence I would not hesitate.

The Boondocks Saints and the sequel should only be viewed on St. Paddy’s Day. On the contrary, do not watch Braveheart on St. Paddy’s Day because it’s about Scotland and it’s all lies. Randall Wallace did minimal research before taking four months to write this movie and then Mel Gibson took it and ran with it.

Those are the movies I like to watch in the month of March, how about you? 

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