My birthday is this Saturday, I'm going to be old and I can't really afford to do anything, so where are the best places to get free stuff or services on your birthday?


I don't think that Hooters gives you anything free for your birthday other then that annoying song that they sing to you on your birthday. I know that it's supposed to be fun when the Hooter girls sing to you but it's not really, it's awkward and disappointing, sometimes they clap but I would rather see them jump up and down like that Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

The only thing I can really afford on my birthday is gas, so I can afford to drive somewhere for free stuff or services, I will not accept someone willing to pay for me because I consider that to be charity and I don't take charity, its not the same as free stuff or services because someone is paying for it and that means that I am going to owe them something later.

I could just stay home and do nothing, that way I can save money because I am turning old and it's about time I started being responsible.

Now i'm depressed, here is something happy for you.


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