After receiving the Rock of Ages soundtrack as a free promo, I couldn't help but to blast the CD and see how well some of today's biggest movie stars compare to the original kings of rock when it comes to some bad ass eighties tunes.  A couple tracks in, I thought:  Who makes a better rock star: Tom Cruise or Axl Rose?

I know, I know - you're thinking ol' Monte is off his rocker.  Hear me out, though - Cruise, as we know, used to be a serious bad ass.   Top Gun - need I say more? How about  Mission Impossible or The Color of Money ?  I see a slick talking- ass kicker.  If you don't think Cruise has the ability to throw a "hotel trashing" rager, go rent Risky Business.  Dude is a P-I-M-P.

Axl gave us arguably one of the greatest rock albums of all-time in Appetite for Destruction.  Appetite has sold over  28 million copies and went platinum 18 times!  He fits that bad boy mentality to a T given his police record and mug shots.  However, the man has been slipping.  Literally.

I know Cruise is not without some crazy antics in recent years, but at least he shows up to perform.  Axl is notorious for cancelling shows.  Cruise may be a bit loopy but I bet if he were booked to play in the capital region, the man would appear.

Now, on to the vocals!  To make it fair, I'll post audio of both men singing the same song.  I'll even give Axl the slight edge, as Cruise will be doing a cover of Rose's Paradise City.  You be the judge - who makes a better rock star? Cruise or Rose?  Monte says disregard Cruise's pipes from back in the day and check out his new material from Rock of Ages.  #GetCruisetoplayAlbany