Axl Rose asked drone pilots to stop flying them over Guns N' Roses performances after the band's recent experiences on tour in Australia.

The singer said that audience members using drones to grab bootleg footage was a new development for the band, but they'd already found it to be an irritation.

"Had a few drones this leg," Rose said via social media. "Last night (Gold Coast Australia) was probably the most intrusive. Was a bit of a distraction...obviously someone thought it was just ok [to have it] coming that close in front of the stage, and then actually over and on stage."

He added: "It's not something we're all that used to. A lot of impulse reactions went through everyone's minds that...didn't make much sense."

He said police officers had told him drone flying was becoming a regular occurrence, especially at sporting events, and that the band hadn't had time to consider the situation until after the show. "People were pissed," he continued. "However much fun anyone's having, you're still trying to stay focused...[and] give the fans the best show you can. Anyway, we get it can be 'fun' to get your drone bootleg vid, but we'd appreciate it if anyone planning to b [sic] a drone pirate took the fans and the band into consideration and played with your toys somewhere else. Big thank you in advance!"

Guns guitarist Slash recently reported that the band have "a couple of epic" songs waiting for release, saying: "I want to go in and cut a whole brand new record at some point, probably sooner than later...we have stuff [that's still] got to come out. So that's gonna be coming out piecemeal over the next...few months or something like that." He added that, following the band's summer 2023 tour, there would be time "to be able to go in and work on a new record."

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