Between the Buried and Me have captured critical and fan acclaim with their 2012 full-length, 'The Parallax II: Future Sequence.' The 72-minute epic is perhaps the band's most cohesive record to date, and just like the band did with their 2007 album, 'Colors,' Between the Buried and Me are planning to perform 'Future Sequence' from front-to-back while on a headlining tour this fall.

Right after Between the Buried and Me completed their March 16 set supporting Coheed & Cambria in New York City, we managed to score a backstage interview with BTBAM bassist Dan Briggs. The musician spoke at length on a variety of topics, which we'll be sharing with you soon, but the one of  the most exciting pieces of information Briggs revealed is that Between the Buried and Me will perform 'The Parallax II' in full, without stopping for any breaks.

"We're just gonna knock it out, all 70-some minutes of it." says Briggs. "Honestly, the plan was to be doing that during this time [early 2013]. Us and Russian Circles were going to be doing a tour. Then Coheed came to us and I guess they had a band pull out, so our tours kind of joined forces. By the time we actually get to play it, it will have been well over a year since we recorded it. We're more than ready to get to it."

When exactly will Between the Buried and Me take us on their cosmic journey? Briggs has a pretty specific timeframe in mind. "I know it's gonna be mid-or-late September to late October. I know it'll be done before Halloween."

We're ridiculously pumped to hear the full 'Future Sequence' album live in concert, as we named the record as our No. 1 metal album of 2012. Stay tuned for our full interview with Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs.

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