Do you or someone you know look like you could be a member of the Gambino or Genovese family? If so you could be featured in a new mobster flick starring David Arquette.

If you have been told on more than one occasion that you could pass as a Don and are willing to devote a couple of days next month and take a short drive you could score your self a role in a new David Arquette film that's shooting in Upstate New York in a couple of weeks.

David Arquette (brother to Patricia, ex husband to Cortney Cox, Scream actor) is set to star in a new indie flick called “Apalachin” that will be filming in Newburg in a couple of weeks. According to NYup the film is

Based on a 1957 true story, the plot follows local trooper Ed Croswell (Arquette), who foils the plans of mobster Vito Genovese, who organized 50 of his friends and colleagues to converge upon the rural town of Apalachin in upstate New York for a summit. Croswell's actions unknowingly exposed the mob to the American public and changed the face of law enforcement forever.

The film is set for a 2019 release and the producers are looking for "non union, big Italian men to play 1950’s mobsters" and they are willing to pay you $88.80, plus overtime, per day. According to the Facebook casting call you must be available to shoot for all three days, Saturday, September 8th, Tuesday, September 11th and Wednesday, September 12th.

If you want in you will need to send an email with two pictures of yourself, one of which must be full length, and include your height, shirt, suit, pants, shoes sizes along with your contact information to: with the SUBJECT SEPT. MOBSTER

If you make it in be sure to let us know so we can look for you in the film!

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