As we head into the summer season, some big new releases in the rock world are out today.  Your CD collection will not be complete unless you have these records.  Out today are the new albums from , Beastie Boys, Poison, Shinedown and Sixx: AM.

It's been 7 years in the making.  Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is out today from the Beastie Boys.  The album was leaked late last week and you can hear the entire album in the listening room on Q103

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" is full of classic Beastie Boys tunes, from opening track "Make Some Noise" which is vintage Beastie Boys as the three MC's Rap and rhyme over some beats. It's an early calling card to say they are back! The track "Ok" is a funk filled track that is as catchy as anything they have done. There is reggae on the track "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" which features American singer Santigold who's performed with a who's who of acts recently from David Byrne to M.I.A. Speaking of collaborations rapper Nas features on the track "Too Many Rappers" it might not be as good as their collaboration with Q-Tip("Get It Together") on "Ill Communication" but's it's still a great collaboration as they rap over a big beat.

Available on Capitol Records.

Bret, CC, Bobby & Rikki are back with a 2 disc collaboration of remastered hits spanning their 25 year career.  Double Dose Of Poison: Ultimate Hits features all of the band's charting singles, including the #1 smash ballad "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Top 10 hits "Nothin' But A Good Time," "Unskinny Bop," and "Something To Believe In," and other big hits and fan favorites, including "Talk Dirty To Me," "I Want Action," "Your Mama Don't Dance," "Fallen Angel," "Ride the Wind," and many more.

Available on Capitol Records.

According to Bret Michaels, Between Double Dose Of Poison and the 25th Anniversary Tour, I honestly can't think of a better way to mark this major milestone, I'm so excited to get back out on the road with the band again to celebrate and Double Dose is going to be such a must-have collection: All the hits in one place. This is going to be really special for all of the fans - and especially for all of those who have been with us since Day One.

Poison will be on tour this summer with Motley Crue beginning June 7th.

Shinedown has Somewhere In The Stratosphere out today.  It's a deluxe 2 CD/2 DVD package that includes audio and video from two full live sets, one acoustic and one electric,as well as performances from a Washington state concert and their most recent Anything and Everything: An Acoustic Evening With Shinedown tour.

Available on Atlantic Records.

According to a review; Shinedown's live performances (both full power and unplugged) give an unsparing look into the soul and psyche amidst a fierce musical attack that, even in its quieter moments, vibrate with the passion, energy and focus of a band with high-minded ideals and limitless ambitions.

Sixx: AM - Motely Crue bass player Nikki Sixx's side project  is back with "This is Gonna Hurt"  a soundtrack or compilation to Nikki Sixx's recent book entitled " This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx"

According to a review of the album.  The songs are well written, the lyrics deep and meaningful while also being twisted and dark, and the production is crisp and fresh. Nikki Sixx is the driving creative force behind most of the music, and he dives deep into meandering emotions through epic melodies.

Hear the entire album in the Listening Room at  The single "Lies of Beautiful People" can be heard on Q103 at 103.5 & 103.9 from Eleven Seven Entertainment.