The World Cup, the winter games, a big time come back, the decision that rocked Cleveland and a Super Bowl that inspired a nation.  These are the big moments in sports that rocked 2010.


2010 was filled with sports moments that both inspired and disappointed us.  I found a list that put together the top moments from this year.  The biggest moment overall was not one moment but a series, the USA vs. Canada during the Olympic winter games.  It renewed the USA's interest in hockey with their impressive run.  Canada would go on to win the gold in their home town games.

Things that continued to inspire us this year were the UCONN Women's basketball team and their unreal run for a national title and were undefeated.  Micheal Vick made a fantastic come back to the NFL this season and is well on his way to the playoffs with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Spain won their first world cup title this year despite all those stupid vuvuzela's.  One of the most inspiring stories was that the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and it brought up the spirits of hurricane ravaged New Orleans, and the rest of the country.

There unfortunately were also some disappointing moments this year as well.  Lebron James took to the air waves to make his "decision" about "taking his talants to South Beach".  I have never seen people more upset, not with him going to Miami and leaving Cleveland in the dust, just in the way he did it.  Another was Jim Joyce and his blown call in the final inning that should have been a perfect game for Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga.  There's plenty more on this list and you can check it out here.